Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Narcissistic Spiritual Teachers Fool Most People

At a time when narcissists are thriving, it is not surprising that those who assume the golden throne of spiritual teacher receive unending ego enhancements: free flowing adulation, idealization, veneration, lucrative compensation for being adored. Today's narcissistic spiritual teachers are masters of communication. They know how to spin a tale--they are phenomenal method actors who are easily believed. The first act is the  charm offensive combined with an impeccable physical appearance. Although this narcissist may appear to be humble by stating that he/she is, they come across with confidence that is off the charts. They like to use riveting eye contact and are masters of voice control and gestures that magnetize their followers to them. They have sufficiently studied their subject, whether it is Christian, non-Christian, New Age, Buddhist, Hindu to convince those who are watching and listening that they have mastery of their topic.

 Highly accomplished narcissistic teachers know how to hypnotize their audiences. Their tone of voice, the clever nuancing of their gestures, word emphasis are an integral part of their winning performance. These teachers promise instant spirituality. There is no need for discipline, dropping the ego, being concerned about the welfare of others. Many of them emphasize the connection between feeling good and reaching high levels of spirituality. A corollary to this belief is the alignment of becoming rich and being holy. Pseudo spirituality purveyors travel the world, expanding and monetizing their "credentials of holiness."

Say it, believe it and you are transformed. This kind of thinking appeals to many who live in this age of short attention spans and instant gratification. Pseudo spiritual narcissists..."will always be with us, as long as we believe and follow those who promise us peace and enlightenment as if it is a package of instant pudding---add milk and stir." (from Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life, pg. 59)

Growing spiritually is neither instant nor easy. It can be a bumpy ride of many tests. Sometimes we wonder why we went down this road less traveled. Those who take this pathway arrive at a point where they cannot turn back. They see clearly through their own delusions and those of others. They feel the vibrations of inner peace, their heart core has opened. As they heal themselves, they heal and comfort others. Visit my website: 

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