Monday, December 12, 2011

Narcissistic Couple - Decorous-Empty-Full of Themselves

Narcissistic couples in public are so enamored with themselves they can hardly contain their self love. Most often one member of the couple holds the psychological power over the other. The partner who is also a narcissist is a willing and enthusiastic assistant to the image of perfection they create. The chief narcissist makes all of the important decisions and controls the partner.

At social events they make a grand entrance. They have well honed people skills that match their external appearance. Pin perfect, without a hair or eyelash out of place or a wrinkle to be seen, they make sure they are the center of attention. These couples are highly extroverted. You cannot miss them. You are greeted with great enthusiasm. Eyes bright, smiles firmly in place, gestures dripping with friendliness---they are in a spotlight that appears to follow them wherever they go. These narcissists are very smooth and fool most people. Beneath it all they are shallow and disingenuous. Their goal is to impress everyone and to strut their stuff. They can't get over how wonderful they are. They talk incessantly about themselves. They interrupt your thoughts but their smiles are so bright you are distracted. They hold you captive by telling you every detail of their endless perfections---their wondrous overachieving golden children, eye-popping references to their social status, their celebrity, their brilliance at making money and keeping it growing. Narcissistic couples don't communicate--they give speeches about themselves. After giving you the treatment, they move on to others to repeat once more to some other victim the same script.

Inside, narcissists are psychologically empty. They are shallow, unempathic, often very materialistic and are incapable of introspection.Not everyone who is attractive and extroverted is a narcissist. There are some great people who are highly skilled socially. When you research the narcissistic personality, you will be able to recognize them quickly. When you do, deftly step out of their limelight of delusion and move on to speak with a real person. To learn about the narcissistic personality disorder in-depth, visit my

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