Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Insatiable Greed-Psychological Emptiness--Hallmarks of the Narcissistic Personality

Greed cannot be permanently satiated. Narcissists are obsessed with what they want. they are in an ongoing cycle of desire or want, behavior that will get them to their goal, the attainment of their desires. They are temporarily satiated. Soon the fires of desire which have only been tamped down, arise high on the horizon and the narcissist is off on another quest. Narcissists are so self entitled that their greed is ravenous, a hunger that continues throughout their lives. Our narcissistic society rewards the greedy. If you become very successful without obeying the rules or the law, most people don't care. The narcissist carefully conceals the dirty tricks and treachery he/she used to stand  at the top tier. He is revered, given special privileges, venerated by many.

Those who live with him tell a very different story. His spouse and children get the brunt of narcissist's underside when the family is in private. The public image is off. The ugly underbelly, the bestial hateful side of the narcissist is exposed. Inside of these homes spouses and children cower. They are screamed at, intimidated, treated with both scorn and neglect, threatened, psychologically whipped (in some instances the whipping is physical).  

Beneath the rampant greed , creation of a perfect false image is a powerful unrelenting unconscious psychological emptiness that can never be filled. The internal life of the narcissist is bleak and shallow. He cannot go inside to find a calm essence, a loving heart, an abiding truth, a deep caring. All of these inner doors are closed to him. He is filled with unconscious self hatred which he constantly projects on to others, especially his spouse and children. In the work place, the narcissist seeks the vulnerable on whom he can eject his venom and threaten their careers.

Pathological greed and psychological emptiness are essential character traits of the narcissistic personality that will not change. Don't expend your energy and strength on trying to change this severe personality disorder.You are in charge of yourself. Learn about the narcissist in-depth, the personality disorder of our time. Visit my

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  1. Love your posts Linda. I "lost" my narcissist/psychopath a year ago come February to a woman with considerably more financial resources than myself. Just thinking earlier tonight I was having trouble remembering his voice even. You know what? It didn't matter in the slightest! I was thinking of that song I Ain't Missing You At All! I will confess to a certain amount of curiosity of what it would have been like, had I ended up moving in with him. Now I'm grateful that never happened! Cheers!