Monday, January 7, 2013

Courageous Individuals Are Great Gifts to Us

The past few years I have met some extraordinary individuals. When I speak of them I am not talking about those who won a Nobel Prize, are famous for being famous or rambling tongued geniuses displaying their  superiority. No, these came along quietly without portfolio or entourage. I have met and spoken with many who have been through horrendous suffering--years of physical, psychological and emotional pain of every sort imaginable. I have been awestruck by their endurance, equanimity, steadfastness and grit. I have listened to those who suffered so early and long. In return many have put themselves in the role of giving back through their many kindnesses and various forms of healing others. These lives have not been smooth or easy. Rather their roads have been bumpy, deeply rutted and in some cases overloaded with the steepest grades and endless switchbacks. I have seen and felt empathy in their smiling eyes and through their tears. Some have apologized for crying. I tell them not to hold back--that I understand that is what they must do--it is natural and necessary. The expression of deep emotions binds us to other people in a special way. We share our humanness: the individual tragedies, the fears that linger, the regrets, the remnants of self reprisal, poignant memories that stir throughout the body/mind.

Be open to those whom you feel a connection that is special and giving. Your intuition will lead the way. Trust this knowing. The grace of these encounters enriches our lives as evolving selves. We take these gifts with us as we encounter others and sprinkle their gentle magic on to another in an eternal chain of warmth, healing and beauty. Visit my 

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