Saturday, April 13, 2013

Narcissistic Spouses Busy Shattering Your Self Confidence--Demeaning You--Leading a Double Life

Narcissists are exceedingly ruthless human beings. They move through life racing  toward their goals:complete control over others, the assertion of their perfection, psychologically destroying all of those including spouses, children, siblings who get in their way, creating narcissistic tintypes of their children, having multiple series of affairs, secretively putting joint monetary assets in their names and creating financial entities that protect their illegal deeds. When they are behind closed doors and no one from the outside can hear them, they dress you down like a naughty child. You are humiliated and demeaned constantly. Whatever you do for them is never enough and you are always accused of making mistakes even if you performance is perfect. God help you if you are a business partner with your narcissistic spouse. This is nightmarish since the narcissist spend his days lambasting you for everything that goes wrong--even the tiniest mistake. Often these errors are his fault. He adroitly shifts the blame on to you, screams ugly epithets in your face. Your reaction inside is intolerable psychological and emotional pain. In front of your eyes you are experiencing a monster, a man or woman who has morphed into the consummate charmer in public to an absolute fiend in private. Eventually the narcissistic spouse wears down your confidence in yourself. You feel emotionally depleted, deflated, spent. That is the deleterious effect of these toxic spouses. They don't give a damn; they don't have a conscience. If you don't perform for them exactly as they wish, they will eventually dispose of you. They already have someone in mind with whom they will replace you (probably several).

Never underestimate the cold maliciousness of the narcissistic personality. Within him or her are the remnants of gruesome characters of the great atavistic themed novel "Lord of the Flies".  This Darwinian tale is an archetype of the most primitive core of mankind. Within the narcissist we feel and experience this "lets rip everyone to shreds" attitude. Much of our current society today shares these "values." They may do it quietly with elegant manners but the effect is the same. They have gutted out your life and left you with nothing.

Learn as much as you can about the venal nature of the narcissistic personality. Once you have seen the horror and darkness of their core structure you will muster the courage to break away and escape from your imprisonment.  Remember who you were before you encountered the big N. If you have people around you that you can trust, form a support group even if it is one other person. The knowledge that you have about the true nature of the narcissistic personality is powerful. Now you know that you are not to blame, that you deserve respect not psychological battering and sadistic humiliations. Create a plan to gather all of your resources together to sever your toxic relationship with your narcissistic spouse.

You are not alone. There are countless others who have broken the bonds and are proceeding with their lives. Develop a strong sense of self entitlement. Learn to still your mind so that you think clearly and have access to one of the greatest gifts---your intuition. You are going to win back your peace, sense of control over your life, your confidence in your self, feelings of emotional security and the beautiful smile you have deep inside that is struggling to come to the surface. Visit my 

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