Friday, March 21, 2014

Married to A Socialized Sociopath-- Puts You in Psychological Danger

These are among the most successful, bright, ingenious, attractive, magnetic individuals that we encounter. They are confident, socially skilled, astute and exceedingly charming. This is a description of the Socialized Sociopath, a severe personality disturbance that has become acceptable, even valued and lauded in our current society. As pathological narcissism has grown and become an integral part of our society so has socialized sociopathy.  Some people are shocked by these statements.  I say "Wake Up" and pay attention for your own welfare to this reality. Today socialized sociopaths are deified in some sectors of our society due to the tremendous emphasis on leading a "successful" life and grabbing power and having endless monetary prowess. I am not saying that people should not strive to utilize every gift and energy that they have to operate on a very high level of achievement. However, "achievement" does not mean destroying the lives of others in order to get whatever and whomever we want and to control and manipulate everyone that crosses our path and to decimate and destroy those who do not go along with our plans. This includes spouses and children who will not bend to the will of the socialized sociopath. For him or her, the true individual does not exist. He/she can always be replaced with someone else who is compliant and will provide him with every narcissistic supply on the face of the earth: adulation, praise, adoration, comfort, an enhanced image and reach in the social and business worlds.

Socialized sociopaths lead secret lives even if we are married to them for decades. They are making their dirty business deals, having secret affairs--sometimes several at a time. They have no problem with illegal acts as long as they don't get caught. Besides, so much of our society now is completely superficial and if you have a great external image and the bling and the homes and the cars and the social status and sterling connections, you are above reproach. There are socialized sociopaths who are not monetarily successful and who disrupt and destroy lives as well. 

Unless people awaken one by one to the menacing presence and destructive actions of the socialized sociopath today, they will take over even more human territory and leave more individuals in complete ruin. That is their goal, their aim, their raison d'tre. Never give them any break--especially if they are promising you something that they know you must have. Yes, they have no insight but they are cunning at the core and know every vulnerability that you have. They work on your weaknesses and play on your deepest desires. That's how sick they are. Reeling you in and out, back and forth is a game to them. It is torturous for you but play to them. They are sadistic!!!

Recognizing that you are married to a socialized sociopath is the beginning of your awakening. Study this character disorder in-depth. Understand what is triggering you to go back to them each time for more punishment and terror. Make the decision to leave this "relationship" that is harming you. Do not give this  person any clue that you will be severing this sick tie. Do all of your homework and be ahead of them every step of the way.

Get the help that you need to disengage psychologically and emotionally from them including excellent psychotherapy if that is your decision, quieting the body/mind through meditation, gentle yoga, building a support group of a few people who are empathic, taking care of yourself on every level--physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual. Pay close attention to your intuition. It will tell your the truth every time about another person's true nature. It will protect you from the socialized sociopath and all other predatory beasts.

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