Saturday, August 28, 2010

Become Whole-You Don't Need the Narcissist

We are always a work in progress--like a great painting, a bubbling spring, a snow melt waterfall, tendrils of fresh new leaves. We look to Nature and always find movement. We were created to grow, to move, to become.

The narcissist is stuck. He or she may appear to be advancing at warp speed in his profession, power grabs, acquisitions, seizures of power. Inside the narcissist is developmentally arrested. He is a petulant child, a false self who unconsciously feels empty and worthless.

When we wake up, even for a short time, and recognize that we have attached ourselves to a severe personality disorder that is most unlikely to change, many decide to make the shift and leap to change themselves.

The true self, that which is most genuine within us, is always moving toward wholeness and healing. This is a natural law. When we provide the conditions for healing---the barriers come down, the obstacles are removed and we move forward toward a new perception of ourselves that has been waiting to receive us for a long time. Wholeness is is not achieved automatically. It requires consistent work, commitment and discipline. So often we feel the pull of getting off track, the temptation to return to the narcissist and the compelling desire of  going back into the narcissist's delusional world. It is so irresistable.

There comes a tipping point when we can no longer return to that delusional world. We have suffered too much, know ourselves too well and have had a taste of the sweet aroma, the healing sound, the endless psychological and spiritual bounty of wholeness. We follow the intuitive thread, always present within us, that leads to the part of us that has been present withn us since birth and that calls us to be well, whole, at peace.
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