Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Exhibitionistic Narcissist

Exhibitionism is the act or practice of deliberately behaving to attract attention to oneself. (I am not speaking of the perversion)

Many narcissists are exhibitionists, constantly attracting attention to themselves, many through their impeccable physical appearance, their clothing, their grand gestures, their incessant self reference talk. This is the elaborate mask. Some narcissistic couples play off one another like they are on stage and the audience is about to clap wildly for them. You have the narcissist who comes with entourage, his/her adoring audience. When the party is over, the meeting completed, the dinner plates put away and you are alone---the transformation takes place. The voice turns cold, cruel. The face reddens with rage; the accusations begins; the criticisms start anew. Time passes and the narcissist is called to his public and there he is ---embodied perfection--like he's been walking in the spotlight all of his life. I hear from so many who have witnessed this double act too many times and are suffering horribly. They are the victims of the narcissist's psychological duality.

The beginning of healing from or avoiding entanglement with the narcissist is to learn about every facet of their personality and to develop skills and strategies for protecting yourself and keep you growing as a solid separate individual. Visit my website:www.thenarcissistinyourlife.com

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