Thursday, June 2, 2011

Painful Relationships with Narcissistic Siblings

If you are a member of a narcissistic family it is worse than being a fish out of water. In some of these family constellations,mother and father are narcissists and several of their children are budding narcissists. Growing up in these families, the non-narcissistic child is both ignored and abused. In narcissistic families there are a lot of ugly psychological rivalries and covert behaviors.

I have communicated with scapegoated children and heard stories of their intolerable painful childhoods. They are always in a state of survival----under emotional siege. These children are trapped in a psychological fight or flight syndrome. The sympathetic nervous system is working overtime. This depletes the child's energy level, feelings of worth and increases anxiety and depression, causing harm to the psyche. When you have narcissistic siblings constantly goading you, threatening and intimidating you, there is no place to go. Some children hid in their rooms, go to libraries, friend's houses to get some small respite from these cruel chaotic situations. On the outside the family looks ideal---Inside it is a nightmare, especially for the non-narcissistic child.

These dysfunctional relationships can continue through adulthood if the non-narcissistic sibling does not sever them. There comes a time when this person says Enough! I don't deserve this. I am entitled to lead my life with emotional freedom and inner peace. Those who follow this new pathway find that it is rough at times but I hear reports that finding this freedom and growing and strengthening the real, creative self is well worth the effort. To learn about every facet of the narcissistic personality disorder, visit my website: 

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