Thursday, September 26, 2013

Image is Reality for Narcissistic Personalities

Today we are bombarded by narcissistic messages--"I am superior, brighter, more attractive and successful than you." "I am more important than most people" This thinking and our society's embracing of it is all part of the narcissism epidemic that surrounds us. It is important to be highly aware of this current reality. There have always been narcissists since we were bipeds. Today narcissistic personalities are rewarded handsomely for having destructive personality traits: ruthlessness, chronic lying, deceit, duplicity, complete lack of empathy, exploitation of others, especially those who are psychologically and emotionally vulnerable.

For the narcissist---image is reality--that perfect look, the smile that gleams with whiter than white teeth, the impeccable wardrobe, the flawless tight skin, the perfectly sculpted body. All this is part of the narcissist's identity. Everything is externalized. People for him or her are objects to be used and disposed of, especially if they are spouses who have become inconvenient when the narcissist decides to move on to the next exciting phase of his life--a younger wife perhaps, a more attractive adoring husband with unlimited amounts of money, a lifestyle of self indulgence. 

The narcissistic image is revered throughout the western world. Beneath the surface where the truth lies, this person  is psychologically empty and carries unconscious feelings of self loathing. One would never think this, watching the narcissist in full regalia and acting at center stage but this is the truth.

Learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth. Arm yourself with this knowledge. It is serve you well in your personal and professional life.

Above all, embrace your authenticity and use all of your creative gifts. You will be surprised what you find in these veins of gold within you. Visit my

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