Sunday, July 15, 2012

Narcissistic Control Freak Mothers

Is your mother a narcissist? Is she cold, cruel and controlling? Did she demean, demand and humiliate you? If you answer "yes" to these questions, I honor your emotional and psychological survival with  this non-parent.

Stage Center---the NCFM.This woman tries and often succeeds in orchestrating and diverting your life form the beginning. She is incapable of attuning to your emotional needs. She never listens (except to her own life.) She hovers over you like a hawk in the sky, watching every move. You do things her way or else you will be punished severely. The NCFM has extreme boundary issues. Your needs are ignored and dismissed. She constantly intrudes on your privacy and is continually interrogating you about where you went, with whom, what was said, etc. 

Some children secretly rebel from the NCF mothers by concealing their true feelings and actions.  This is tough since the NCF mama has the eagle eye on you. With a NCF  mother you are feeling invaded by them constantly.  It is exhausting and disturbing. These children are always on guard. They never rest. They are in a state of fight or flight day and night.  NCF mothers don't change---they are fixed personality disorders. They do not seek psychotherapy because they think they are perfect and everyone else is flawed.

You can make the decision to sever yourself from your narcissistic mother. This can be a painful turn in the road. You may think that if you do everything to please your CFN mother, she will change her attitude toward you. This is not going to happen.  She may throw you a few bouquets---but her true character will always reveal itself to you.

To protect yourself and to separate and grow as an individual, research the narcissistic personality in-depth. You deserve to lead your own life, to develop all of your unique capacities and to live with deep inner peace. Visit my

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