Friday, July 6, 2012

Seductive Narcissistic Mothers

There are narcissistic mothers who adore their sons---too much. Their son becomes  a psychological possession of the mother. Father is left out of the triangle. Often the marriage was poor to begin with. Mother had always ruled over her husband. She emasculated him from the moment they were married. Many men put up with this kind of treatment because they feel weak and inadequate with such an overwhelming wife and partner.

The seductive narcissistic mother believes that her son is the second coming. There is nothing she won't do for him. Her caresses are too long. Her inquiries about his private life are highly invasive. She sits too close to her son. He feels uncomfortable but very special. The other children that come along might as well be orphans. Mother pays no attention to them. If there are nannies they do the mothering. Mother grooms her son to become a narcissist. He is golden from the beginning. No one corrects his obnoxious behavior. He can have whatever he wants. Being cruel to his brothers and sister is completely ignored. Mother psychologically fuses with her "boy" and has no private life of her own. These mothers are overly interested in their son's sexual development during adolescence. They would never admit that they are turned on and want him as a sexual partner. Although nothing happens between the two of them, the mother's sexual vibe is always there directed at him. The budding narcissistic son both loves and hates his mother. He hates her because she possesses him and loves her because that is all he knows.

These mothers do great damage to their sons. When they marry they can never find a woman to replace "mother."  Many of them go through several marriages--no one woman will do. Many narcissistic sons are great womanizers--proving to themselves that they are manly conquerors of women. Deep down they feel impotent and empty. No matter what they do in life, deep inside they cannot be themselves. Mother is the possessor of their psyche. To learn about the psychopathology of the narcissistic personality, visit my

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