Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beware of Narcissistic New Age Spiritual Movements

It is remarkable how many narcissists are involved in the self help, self improvement, developing your spiritual power, new ways to enlightenment. There are many names and fancy titles given to these movements. They begin with a highly charismatic person or couple or small group who are repackaging "spirituality" and making it palatable and modern to appeal to a wide audience. The core group or individual who is at the center of these programs are narcissistic personalities. Their goal is power, the acquisition of large sums of money, personal veneration and fame.

The individual or core group create an appealing package that is based on many practices including eastern philosophies, the occult, pop psychology and show biz. The narcissistic guru is usually physically attractive and demonstrates complete confidence in himself/herself. Many put on the pseudo mantle of humility, compassion, a convincing mien that they have participated in the cosmic realms.  These are highly attractive and magnetic individuals. They are masters at drawing you in to their energy field. Their eye contact is seamless and riveting. When you are engaged with them, you may feel that you are in a sacred presence. This is due to the PR buildup and your expectations about the superior human being you are meeting and the special program they are offering to make you whole, successful and spiritually adept.

These new age narcissistic practitioners set up programs that are expensive and set up in tiers so that those who participate move from one level to the next until they have attained a promised state of enlightenment.

Many of those who join these movements become true believers, even as they have to borrow money to complete the different levels of their programs. The end point is that  those who have been taken in believe that they are now very special and have attained a level of higher consciousness. The narcissistic leaders accrue huge sums of money, expand their worldly reach, propagating their pseudo spirituality throughout many countries.

Behind the curtain of their impeccable presentations, you find that narcissistic spiritualists are greedy, deceptive, money driven hypocrites. When they are in private they luxuriate in their materialism, satiate their desires, are obsessed with having expensive possessions and lead a heady self obsessed lifestyle geared to self satisfaction that is the opposite of true spirituality. 

To protect yourself from these sociopathic narcissists, study the narcissistic personality in-depth.  Respect the messages coming from your intuition which always tells you the truth. Visit my 

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