Saturday, November 3, 2012

Quit Giving Narcissistic Sociopaths A Big Pass

We are surrounded by innumerable narcissistic sociopaths in our current society. They don't pull robberies or stick ups but they steal huge sums of money from millions of people through the way that they do business. They have impeccable images, are lionized by their followers, are surrounded by A  List people. If you think that any narcissistic sociopath would ever care about you, protect you or cherish you---you are absolutely wrong. Narcissistic sociopaths focus on getting to the top of the money and power heap and running over anyone who gets in their way---including spouses, ex-spouse, their children. Narcissistic sociopaths commit many crimes. Some involve sophisticated forms of embezzlement, tax evasion, subtle extortions, and devastating crimes of the heart. There are children of narcissistic sociopaths who decades later cannot get over what their vane, selfish, morally bankrupt and criminally culpable parent has done to them. There are too many tragic life stories to count--too many lives that have been thrown away.  Much of this is due to current society's easy acceptance of the narcissistic sociopath as the new hero. After all, he/she obtains anything he wants and must have.His gratifications are uncountable yet he is not required to pay any consequences for his evil misdeeds, the craven, cruel neglect of his children, his spouses, those who work for him, anyone at his mercy..

When is this adoration with incense of the narcissistic sociopath going to stop! If you have awakened to the stunning reality of those who are in charge who fit this psychopathology, don't be part of the hosannas throng that is empowering them with your silence. When we remain mute against what is evil we become part of its dynamic of harm and destruction of human beings. When we place our selfish search for constant pleasure and ego enhancement above the needs of those who are suffering beneath the choking yoke of these masters of the universe we are complicit with their crimes.

Many people growing in numbers are in a frenzied search for material acquisitions that are  MORE, BIGGER AND BEST. Wanting, acquiring, satiation are repeated endlessly in infinite cycles. This addiction to MORE affects those who are on pilgrimage to nowhere. This course poisons everyone in the environment  This style of life will never end until those who are involved are halted by people whose eyes are open to reality not delusion. If you are awake, speak up and act accordingly. I have heard from many who see through the delusion, lead their lives with an awareness to the needs of others. One of their greatest enjoyments is to share what they have, what they know, what will make someone else's  life less painful and burdened. There is an endless futile search that many people are pursuing right now to always have MORE.   Wanting and acquiring More has no end. After moments of satiation and giddiness, the need arises even stronger within the human psyche. This is at the epicenter of the narcissistic sociopath's way of life. Study the narcissist and the narcissistic sociopath in-depth. Visit my 

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