Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Narcissistic Men-Fulfilling Every Sexual Desire

Narcissists are always hungry for narcissistic supplies. One great focus for them is finding new and exciting sexual partners, despite the fact that they are married. That doesn't enter their minds. They will get what they want, no matter what. They give into their impulses---They are entitled to fulfill every wish and desire. A narcissist may look like a family man, presenting the perfect picture of the great husband and father. But this is part of the elaborate image that he projected on to the world to protect his perfect persona. Narcissist don't have a conscience. They are restless people who are always on the hunt for greater excitement.  Many of them are great risk takers in the sexual department--it's all very thrilling for them. In their minds if they feel like having an affair, a brief fling, or a mistress, one night stands on the side, that's their business even if they are the father of minor children. After all they show up for some of their children's school and social activities. And their attitude toward their wives is: this woman is lucky to have me. I make her life so much better. I provide her with the best lifestyle--a great home, trips, fantastic social events. What else could she want. She has her career and I have mine. The narcissist man compartmentalizes his life especially if he is an addictive womanizer. Without a conscience and no basic respect for or concern that he will psychologically damage his wife and children, the narcissist feels free to act on his sexual impulses and satisfy his appetites. He is so arrogant he knows he will never get caught. He's too smart for that. Besides, life is very boring, sharing it with one woman. The male narcissist knows he is entitled to having as  many women as she chooses. When a particular girlfriend no longer appeals to him, he discards her like an inanimate object. She is removed from his life to make room for the next wave of women who will satisfy his sexual and psychological needs.

Narcissists are infantile, psychologically regressed. Current society is fascinated by these philanderers and if they are famous, some in their audience are envious of their sexual exploits. Narcissistic men never think about the dreadful emotional consequences to their children of this reckless, promiscuous behavior causes. Narcissists are too preoccupied with themselves to think about these matters.Narcissists are like feral animals in the physical form of adults. When they are caught, the narcissist may say that he is sorry if he has caused emotional pain to his family. This is not true. He is simply mouthing words to protect his image. Narcissists are loyal to no one---only themselves. They cannot be trusted on any level. They will not change. Narcissists have severe personality disorders that are fixed and intractable. To protect yourself and learn about every facet of the narcissistic personality disorder, visit my 

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