Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Narcissistic Sociopaths-Sexual Predators Getting Away With It

Narcissistic sociopaths have no sense of limits, no empathy, no decency, morals or ethics.They are driven by their impulses to achieve maximum power and wealth. When they reach the higher levels of worldly acclaim and all of the social and professional perks that are attendant with these heady roles, they get away with perpetrating sexual assaults on women who move through their lives. This applies whether they are married or not. For a sociopath, abiding by the marriage vows is a formality. These fellows stay married to a one at particular time because it burnishes their image. May she is from a prominent family, has royal lineage that has been passed down through generations, is connected with an auspicious family that can become very lucrative to the narcissist's climb to the highest rungs of professional power and prestige. Some narcissistic sociopaths are always hitting on one woman or another. They believe they are irresistible.If they are in a position of power and this woman works for them, she often gives in to their advances and allows the sexual interaction to take place to save her job. In some cases these sociopaths sexually force themselves on women whom they know are vulnerable and will keep their mouths shut. This is especially true if the female victim is in lower social and professional status position. Sometimes, narcissistic sociopaths pay hush money if the female victim threatens to talk. And then, there are men who commit rape---a serious crime and never get caught. For some the sadistic act of forcing a woman to have sex creates a sexual thrill that the sociopath indulges in to prove that he has ultimate power over females. These men hate women and are dangerous. I despise thinking of how often predatory narcissistic sociopaths are committing these crimes against women over and over again and slipping away like it never happened. The female victim is perceived as an object to be used as a receptacle for the perpetrator's sexual perversions and crimes.

Many female victims keep quiet about these crimes perpetrated on them. They are afraid of recriminations--losing their jobs, being told they were to blame, not being believed. Women must wake up to the attributes of the narcissistic sociopath. You may be married to one and not know it. To learn about the narcissistic personality disorder in-depth, visit my website:thenarcissistinyourlife.com

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