Thursday, July 21, 2011

Narcissistic Women-Prowling for the Right Man

If you pay close attention you can spot a narcissistic woman who is after the Alpha Man in the room. First, they are dressed for action. They are wearing outfits that will get maximum male attention. It can be subtle but it is powerful and compelling to the male. Showing some leg if it is well sculptured and of course, the right amount of cleavage is part of the calling card. These women are obsessed with their looks and their figures. They literally watch themselves in the mirror regularly to size up how irresistible they are. Narcissistic femme fatales are often addicted to aesthetic procedures that keep them looking dewy and youthful. They don't talk about these secret obsessions that keep their bodies perfectly toned and their faces shining. Bottom line----they are looking to catch a highly successful, driven, confident Class A Man whether he is married or not. If they have a profession this is their vocation. I have watched these women work a room and they are "good." They have learned to display good manners on the surface. Slowly they place themselves next to the most desirable man in the room that fits their specifications--lots of money, properties, physically attractive, confidence. They gracefully swoop in. They get physically close to this fellow and use seductive but subtle eye contact and clever body undulations to maximize the impact. They know when they have snagged the guy. Men lock on and can't let go. These narcissistic women know how to keep these captives happy with sex, pandering to their egos, hanging on their every word, pretending that the man is in charge.

Narcissistic women don't care if their dream man is married or not. His wife can easily be dispatched. The narcissistic woman doesn't give a thought to the fact that she is breaking up a family. That's their problem. Actually, the NW believes that she is the best thing that ever happened to her chosen man. Some narcissistic women seal the deal after the new marriage by getting pregnant and having a couple of children with this guy to secure her power position financially. These women control everyone in this new family. They make all of the important decisions. The man relinquishes his free will to his narcissistic wife.

When the NW has wrenched every last narcissistic supply (homes, money, social connections, great lifestyle) from this man she often move on if she finds another victim who will provide her with a headier position of power. The NW moves often without looking back, even abandoning her children, to seek a wealthier, more generous new partner. Narcissistic women only care about themselves and their winnings. They play a ruthless game; they are truly predatory and can never be trusted. Preening themselves, they are always prepared to take the next step that will provide them with ultimate power over all the "right men."  To learn about the narcissistic personality disorder in-depth, visit my website:

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