Thursday, June 13, 2013

Strong Voice of Intuition Protects You from Narcissistic Parents

If you are the adult child of a narcissistic parent(s) you have already been through a series of hells throughout
your life. It starts very early when you were emotionally cast aside because you did not fit the image that your narcissistic mother or father demanded for you to be acceptable to them. Never mind that you were their child--shared their DNA, the familial heritage. All of this goes down the drain when narcissistic parents pull out the wounding devices of multiple cruelties. Were you given the essentials---Food, clothing, shelter, books, etc. or were your mom and dad so oblivious and self absorbed that you had to scrape for yourself. Did you hide and sneak food from the refrigerator at night when narcissistic mom and dad were in bed? Did you beg to have an old skirt that your friend cast off because your clothing was becoming so thin, breaking at the seams and much too small that the kids at school ridiculed you behind your back? Were you left hungry at night and during the long days alone in the house because Narcissistic Mother was too busy shopping for fancy clothes and shoes and underwear and external trappings of her perfect false self? Was mom embarrassed for her friends to see you or did she dress you up for public consumption as part of her
"good mother image". What other nightmares did you endure? Did dad and mom stick together to make you always wrong? Did mom and dad leave you alone so older brother golden child could terrorize you and have his sadistic friends join in?

Narcissistic mothers and fathers show no mercy, no compassion, no heart.  They are made of stone---inside inert and incapable of feelings, except for their destructive rage that made your ears ring. You remember the violent sound still as if it is happening right now.

When you were very young and growing up, you were imprisoned by these narcissistic parents--trapped with nowhere to go. You simply had to endure and you did. That is remarkable! Give yourself credit. One of the ways you achieved this is through the use of your intuition----that always told you the truth. It at times warned you that narcissistic mom and/or dad was in a horrible mood and that you better go underground---find a place in the house where you could hide--the cellar,basement, a closet corner in your room.

 As an adult you may still be recovering from these parents. It is not unusual given the abuse and deprivation that are part of your personal history. Now more than ever and as I say often for the rest of your life, summon up receptivity to your intuition. It is the key to knowing the truth, the opening that we need to continue to evolve and become more of ourselves and to heal---you are entitled to total healing of body, mind, psyche and spirit. Your intuition will lead you. Keep faith with you. Intuition and faith work in tandem. They are forces of light that you can call upon at any time. Intuition becomes a strong voice the more that you use it. Intuition is graceful, immediate--it takes no effort--it works with ease. Visit my 

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