Monday, August 8, 2011

Narcissistic Siblings--Their Domestic Reign of Terror

There are innumerable painful stories of severe psychological and emotional abuse perpetrated by a narcissistic brother or sister during childhood upon their siblings. The intimidations, barbed criticisms and humiliations are rampant in these households. In these families one or both parents is a narcissist and tends to side with the narcissistic child. This creates an unending emotional climate and siege and danger in the home.

The sensitive non-narcissistic child faces perpetual assaults from the sadistic narcissistic brother or sister. In some cases other children in the family are too afraid of this cruel narcissist and join in on the bullying and terrorizing of the innocent, very vulnerable sibling. The psychological damage left behind is immense. Victims of this abusive treatment spend much of their childhoods in a state of terror. Many of them find ways to hide in their own homes. They know that neither mother nor father will protect them from ongoing verbal bombardment. The victimized child is left alone to protect himself, know that no one, not any member of his family will come to his rescue. He feels and is all alone. Narcissistic parents who allow one child to terrorize another year after year are despicable human beings. A child brutalized by this form of imprisonment often learn to numb out emotionally to protect himself.

There are adult victims of these highly dysfunctional family constellations including sadistic narcissistic brothers and sisters who survive to tell the tale. Many of them find ways to stay away from home if at all possible. Others leave the house early and live with friends and their families. Often these victimized siblings are not believed and discover that not only did they have to endure the abuse, they are now being with disrespect and ridicule and accused of being a liar when they speak the truth about their narcissistic sibling. This is especially the case if the narcissistic siblings has achieved  "professional or worldly success" with a capital "S".  Many of these children end up severing their relationships with their narcissistic sibling and and narcissistic parent(s.)They say No to more narcissistic abuse. They have won the battle against the narcissistic family to become, they they have value as separate individuals.  I hear from adult children who bore the ugliness of having a sadistic narcissistic sibling and often narcissistic parents. After study on their own, they have learned that the narcissistic personality is fixed, that narcissists are psychologically brutal and most importantly, that they have now reclaimed their lives and are free to be their unique selves. To learn about the narcissistic personality disorder in-depth, visit my
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