Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Narcissists Block Your Psychological and Spiritual Growth

Narcissists are highly disruptive people. They are restless, demanding, always directing attention to themselves. Narcissists know exactly whom and what they want. They have grandiose goals and believe they are superior to everyone else. When you are married to or part of a narcissistic family , the narcissist who is king or queen of the household, rules over your kingdom. The narcissist has defined roles for everyone in his/her life. If a narcissist is highly successful and revered by our superficial world, then he is a hero to be envied and glorified.

Every year that you live with a narcissist as a spouse or child, your creative energies, sense of internal peace and the forward trajectory of your life is being blocked. As a spouse if you become more monetarily or professionally successful than your spouse, he will do everything he can to pull you down, to exhaust you through constant criticisms, ongoing rages, intimidations and psychological threats. He makes every effort to obstruct you and turn your life upside down on purpose. Narcissists may think they are spiritual but they are so self absorbed, ruthless and cruel , they can never be described with this word. Those who are truly spiritual care deeply about other human beings, move toward alleviating the suffering of others and have deep compassion and empathy.

One of your options is to sever your relationship with the narcissist, even a spouse of many years. Many spouse are too frightened to make this move. They decide to stay with this severe personality disorder and eclipse their lives on every level. Some spouses finally make the decision that they can no longer allow someone else to dictate what they should think, feel and do. They are psychologically and physically sickened by the outrageous demands and bruising criticisms and overwhelming humiliations heaped on them by these severe personality disorders. They make the decision to lead their own lives. They are tired of using all of their energies on a highly pathological non-relationship.

They make the decision and divorce the narcissist. Many of them move forward with their lives and re-discover themselves and are re-born psychologically and creatively. Listen keenly to your intuition and you will make a good decision. Maintain your self respect and a deep belief in yourself. To learn about the narcissistic personality disorder in-depth, visit my website: thenarcissistinyourlife.com

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