Friday, September 30, 2011

Narcissistic Fathers Who Sexually Molest their Daugthers

I am speaking specifically about the narcissistic father who sexually molests his daughter(s). (There are fathers who sexually molest their daughters who are not narcissists.) 

These narcissistic fathers have no sense of boundaries; they can do whatever they want. If they have the impulse to violate their daughters sexually that is perfectly all right with them. Action follows impulse as night follows day. They feel no shame or guilt. Narcissistic fathers have an extreme sense of self entitlement. With some of them, this includes sexual possession of their daughter. In some instances the narcissistic father obtains full custody of the daughter and continues the sexual molestation unabated by the law or the ex-wife. Everyone, including the courts, have been convinced by his superb acting skills and his army of lawyers believe that he has the right to full custody. Often the mother doesn't have the financial resources to fight for her child and no one believes that the daughter is being abused because the narcissistic father is a master of cover up. A daughter subjected to these crimes is severely injured psychologically. In some cases the daughter aligns herself with the father because she has been brainwashed. In other instances the narcissistic father is so subtle with the sexual abuse that it goes unnoticed by other family members or they have learned to normalize it. Talking about these matters is an absolute taboo in most families. The patriarchal narcissistic father is feared by his spouse and  children. There are horrid situations in which the narcissistic father and son participate in these crimes together. People outside are viewing a perfect family tableau. Mother and father appear to be devoted parents, even ideal.

Look beneath the surface and you will  perceive heinous acts perpetrated by the narcissistic father upon his daughter(s). Some mothers turn a blind eye because they are unwilling to buck this powerful male figure or give up the lifestyle. This is often a narcissistic mother who is incapable of loving or protecting her children.

Years later therapists, including myself, hear these tragic life stories of heinous crimes committed within the home over years, even decades. These narcissistic criminals must be exposed and brought to justice. Their children must be rescued and the work of healing will begin. Become informed by learning about the narcissistic personality disorder in depth and about sociopathic narcissists on my blog. Visit my 

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  1. I'm a survivor of narcissistic parents and incest. I can't begin to explain how damaging my experience has been and I didn't even know it growing up. I'm beginning to believe that the emotional abuse from my Narcissistic parents was worse than the incest itself. My parents were more concerned about the image they portrayed to the outside world than keeping me safe. It's heartbreaking but only through facing the reality of who they are and where I came from can I heal.

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