Monday, October 24, 2011

Bloodless Sociopaths-Idenify Them-Get Them Out of Your Life

I use the term Bloodless Sociopaths to describe a psychopath who doesn't physically harm people or rip a wallet out of your hands or rob a bank. No, these individuals are much too obvious. Bloodless sociopaths take your life away from you much more cleverly.First they seduce you with their personal magnetism, their remarkable self confidence and the way they can read you and know exactly what will make them irresistible to you. They have played this game so many times they can do it in their sleep. They make promises that you believe, drawing pictures of an idyllic life with them. After all of the excitement quiets down, you begin to experience the sociopath and the depth of his cruelties. Sociopaths will not take no for answer. You either do it their way or there will be painful consequences. Sociopaths enter your mind and play games with your thoughts. In some cases the woman who marries a sociopath becomes brainwashed by this individual and no longer has a mind of her own. The sociopath is bent on using you and your gifts to the hilt. He or she is an ultimate controller. He is a Svengali, creating a perfect image for you so that you fit into his social and business milieu. If you turn against the narcissist and recognize how venal and treacherous he really he, he turns extremely ugly and threatens you. He will ruin your life and your reputation. You will be left without an financial security. He will take full custody of the children. In many cases the sociopath wins---in divorce court, by hiding his assets and in custody battles. He psychologically beats his spouse to a pulp. This is not done with a closed fist but through mental torture that keeps you up at night with your heart pounding. You are always wondering--What is he going to do next to destroy me permanently? This is no way to live. You deserve to live in independence with your creative gifts and deep inner peace. Keep yourself physically, psychologically and emotionally strong and learn about the sociopathic personality in great depth. Always trust the voice inside that is warning you to keep your distance from a certain irresistible man that is after you. He want something---to take over your life. To learn about the narcissistic personality and various aspects of the narcissistic sociopath, visit my

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