Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Protect Yourself from Narcissistic and Sociopathic Psychiatrists-Psychotherapists

At this time when narcissists and socialized sociopaths are rewarded by the media, the film industry, television, politicians, wall street, etc. it is crucial that you learn to deal with narcissistic and sociopathic psychiatrists and psychotherapists that people encounter every day and are victimized as a result.  When an individual reaches a point of extreme psychological and emotional crisis, he is vulnerable and in need of excellent professional help with someone who has a fine character and the highest ethical values. A well trained and educated psychiatrist or psychotherapist can be very harmful to a patient if he/she is a narcissist or socialized sociopath. Some narcissists/sociopaths decide early on that they want to go into this "business" in order to profit from it. They know that they will be working with people who are feeling desperate and come to depend on them. That's what they want--a person whom they can control who will never question them. When a person is in an extreme level of duress he/she will quickly bond with a psychiatrist or psychotherapist who is likable, appears to be empathic, has a commanding personality and is highly confident. It can be true that an excellent professional may possess all of these qualities and be an excellent practitioner. But there are the exceptions--those psychiatrists and psychotherapists who depend on vulnerable clients who are specifically there to increase the size of their bank accounts, stock portfolios and properties. In some cases the patient will be in "therapy" with this professional for a decade or more. The therapist is simply collecting the fees, insisting that the patient come to several sessions a week---all he while creating serious dependence. As a result the patient is not improving; he/she is regressing. Some psychiatrists put patients on the wrong drug and/or dosage. As long as they don't get sued it doesn't matter to them. In some particularly egregious cases psychiatrists and psychotherapist have sex with a patient(s) , causing severe psychological damage. I have heard of cases where patients were put into a deep psychological regression as a result of these illegal and heinous acts.When accused clever sociopaths find ways to skip away from their crimes.

Learn to protect yourself from these predators. Check the professional's credential carefully. Interview several professionals so that you have a way of making comparisons. Check for criminal and civil offenses with the state boards. Pay close attention to your intuition. If you get a sense that something is "off" with this person--I don't care if they are highly recommended---don't hire them. They will do you harm. If the practitioner is forceful with you or intimidating--pay close attention. There is a shadow over this individual, a dark one. You don't want to share any aspect of your life with this person. If you have to leave the office of one of these practitioners---do so. I know several people have have done just that. They made the right decision. They confronted the professional, blew them out of the water and said: "This interview is over." You exit and never return. Good for you. You made an excellent decision. Do not be dazzled by all of his degrees, accolades, the hype about a particular psychiatrist or psychotherapist. As a matter of fact do not be over-impressed with any one's formal education. Make them prove themselves. Bring your self confidence and self assertion to the forefront. You deserve to be treated with complete respect as an intelligent, feeling, competent human being. Always remember this; imprint this truth in your mind and heart. Visit my

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