Friday, March 16, 2012

High Level Narcissistic Sociopaths---Are You Married to One?

The worldly power of High Level Narcissistic Sociopaths is growing. The narcissistic style has become the norm among different "in" groups withing the society. It is perfectly ok if not expected to be ruthless to succeed. If you are not ruining someone else's career so that you can get ahead, then you are not living up to your potential. This is the real attitude (not openly discussed) in many corporations. Those who make crucial decisions without regard to clients or co-workers is becoming all too common today.

Are you married to one of these individuals? Is your spouse lacking empathy, feel superior to everyone else, is dismissive and critical of you, humiliates you and waxes superior about his accomplishments? Is he grandiose and extremely self entitled? Are you being used by this person to enhance his image and persona. Is there a genuine lack of affection and caring when you need support? Narcissistic sociopaths as I define them do not harm people in a direct physical way. However, they purposely disrupt the lives of others due to their ruthless insistence of doing everything their way without taking your life into account. These selfish individuals always come first even if you have been married to them for decades. Some spouses stay with the narcissistic sociopath because they are very successful and can provide an opulent and very comfortable lifestyle. You are being criticized and dismissed. The narcissist is wearing you down. Your creative gifts are being squandered. Research the narcissistic personality and you will find out if your married to one of these people.
If your spouse is a narcissistic sociopath, your life no longer belongs to you. This individual is possessive and is dictating your life's destiny. You can make the decision to take back that life that you deserve. No other person can tell you what to think, what to feel and how to use your unique gifts. Learn about every facet of the narcissistic personality,  Visit my
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