Thursday, March 1, 2012

Narcissistic Spouses Destroy Family Relationships

Narcissists are always pushing for the top---that usually means money and power for them and of course control over everyone, especially their spouses. They never have enough. If they are worth five million, they have to have ten or twenty or one hundred million. The quest is endless. They let the psychological blood flow as they march aggressively forward to get what they want despite whom it destroys. One of the most egregious situations occurs when a marriage to a narcissist turns ugly (and this is predictable) and the spouse's relationship to her family is destroyed by his innuendos, lies, gossip and treachery. I have seen this happen too many times. The narcissistic spouse uses his persuasive skills and clever lying to convince her parents that their daughter is a bad person, that she has deceived him and is irresponsible with their children. These scenarios have played out too many times when the truth has been turned upside down. There are men and women who are the objects of scorn and have been abandoned by their families of origin as a result of heinous lies told by the narcissistic spouse.The lesson here is to never put anything past a shameless, conscienceless narcissist. They go beyond the limits of human decency all of the time and get away with it. They leave the psychologically betrayed and abused spouse abandoned and traumatized. To protect yourself from the narcissistic personality, learn about this serious disorder. Visit my

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