Friday, April 29, 2011

Narcissistic Mothers-Playing the Guilt Card

Many narcissistic mothers, after treating their children with neglect and abuse from the time they are small children and all the way through adulthood, have the nerve to make their children feel guilty for responding to all of their demands. Some of these mothers fraudulently accuse their sons or daughters of verbal abuse, even physical abuse when this is completely untrue. After driving their grown children to distraction and extreme stress with all of their manipulations and deceits, they tell outright lives about their scapegoated children and make attempts to destroy their lives. Children of narcissistic mothers who do not tow the line and provide constant adulation and praise to this authority are severely punished for their lack of complete obedience. If you have a mind of your own, growing up in this kind of family, your path is difficult. You are always walking up hill accompanied by a strong wind. If you are an independent thinker and have a strong sense of individuality and creative thinking, it is going to be a rough road in a narcissistic family. Being true to yourself is the most important role you will choose as the focus of your life despite your highly dysfunctional family. When the narcissistic mother notices that you are not going along with her plans for you on every level and that you are not at her beck and call. she is inclined to play the guilt card, accusing you of treating her with neglect and cruelty. This is a clever ploy that often works with adult children of narcissists. You will often find out that this is a demand for your instant attention. There are times when our parents do need us and that is appropriate. The narcissistic parent is never satisfied, even if you pledge you life to them.

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