Monday, April 11, 2011

Reclaiming Your Own Identity from Your Narcissistic Mother

Regardless of our DNA, the psychological background of our parents and the abuse and neglect we have experienced. we are individuals who belong to ourselves. I know from so many daughters who have suffered horrifically from narcissistic mothers that that these children and now adults went through absolute hell. I am in communication with women well into adulthood who are still hurt and distressed every day as a result of growing up in these very disturbed families. In many cases the narcissistic mother continues to disrupt her daughter's life. The daughter feels an obligation to the mother or believes that she will change and gives in to the narcissistic mother's demands. Then, there are the threats and intimidations that are ongoing. Some of these mothers play the "I'm helpless card. If you you leave me, I'll be alone and who knows what will happen to me." Some narcissistic mothers turn one child against the other. This is a dreadful situation. In many cases the daughter has to make a decision to sever the relationship with the highly pathological mother or find a way to keep a safe psychological distance from her.

I communicate with those who have made the final decision to sever the relationship. With the help of skillful psychotherapy and the support of good friends and for some, a yoga practice or meditation practice. Ultimately, your life belongs to you. You deserve inner peace, mental spaciousness and protection and the use of all of your creative talents. Visit my website:

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