Saturday, May 21, 2011

Narcissistic Sociopaths-Preying on the Most Vulnerable

Narcissistic sociopaths have no respect for anyone. They feel entitled to do whatever they want to those whom they choose. For them people are disposable objects, nonpersons, who can easily be discarded. Often highly educated and intellectually bright, and acutely cunning, they convince most people that they are of fine character. With the highest academic and professional credentials they move on the fast track to the highest levels of success in their fields. Narcissistic sociopaths are "gifted" at presenting themselves as persons of integrity who can be trusted and are above reproach. They appear,even to those who know them very well, to be dedicated to their families.

If they are in positions of the highest power in corporations, the government, international business, etc. they are surrounded by people who work for them and worship them simultaneously. This is their charmed circle of true believers who will defend them at all costs.

When no one is watching the narcissistic sociopath adroitly takes a 180 degree turn and acts out on his primitive impulses. He is a dual personality. These individuals cause harm to those who are most vulnerable--often women in particular who are without formal education, family or financial security. Many of them are single mothers who must support their minor children. This entire burden is up to them since many of them have been abused and then abandoned by their spouses or boyfriends. Women in these vulnerable positions are legion. They are the silent, uncounted, often forgotten victims in our society. Most people don't think about them. There are narcissistic sociopaths who routinely victimize women in this category. Very often they get away with various levels of sexual assault, going the full range from inappropriate touching, to forcible acts that are serious felonies. The victim is often too traumatized and terrorized to defend herself.

The perpetrator, surrounded by the worldly powerful and those with great financial means, make sure that nothing untoward will happen to someone who has committed these horrendous felonious acts.  It is essential that the legal system be followed to protect the rights of the accused and at the same time, treat the victim with fairness and understanding.

Narcissistic sociopaths (predominantly male although there are some females who fit this category) must be identified---regardless of their power in the world, their professional reputations, their global connections, their wealth, their elaborately layered personas---and treated like any other human being. If men like these are guilty they must be prosecuted and taken out of society to protect those whom they have victimized and prospective victims. Often these men have perpetrated these kinds of crimes hundred of times and gotten away with it.

There are no excuses for these perverse, destructive behaviors. No one is entitled to victimize another person. Don't every be impressed with a person's professional accomplishments, their titles, their power and reach in the world.

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