Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Greed is an unquenchable desire---a bottomless pit of wanting that never ends. Narcissists ruthlessly strive, plan and connive for what they want and must have. They will destroy the professions and lives of other human beings, including members of their own families, to reach their goals. When a narcissist fulfills some of his/her desires--- professionally, romantically, financially through ruthlessness and cunning, he is satisfied briefly. But the compulsion to have more takes over and his obsession awakens. This occurs in situations when he/she is striving to roll over others to reach the highest levels of power and influence. The narcissist will betray anyone--spouses, siblings, their own children, treating them like objects who have neither value nor feelings.

Deep inside the unconscious, the narcissist is psychologically empty. No matter what he attains materially or the power he wields, or those who adore him, or whom he can intimidate---the narcissist, beneath it all is always desperate and hungry. He cannot be fully human because he/she lacks empathy and compassion. Learning about the narcissistic personality in depth will help you to identify and deal with the narcissists you encounter. Visit my website: thenarcissistinyourlife.com 

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