Friday, May 6, 2011

Narcissist's Projections are Psychologically Abusive

A projection is an unconscious defense mechanism in which the  individual ejects aggressive, negative feelings and thoughts on to another person. Most people are unaware of their projections. If they get upset or angry they simply let it spew out on those closest to them---children, spouses, business associates, siblings.

Narcissists are constantly projecting feelings that they cannot tolerate out rather than turning inward, identifying that they are projecting and owning what they have done. The narcissist creates his own world. Everything revolves around him/her. He believes that he is the initiator and master of his personal and professional domain. Everyone has a role and that is of serving him and his specific purposes. This characterlogical structure is not going to change; it is rigid and unyielding. Besides the narcissist is never wrong. He automatically blames others when anything goes wrong. It is very stressful to be the recipient of narcissistic projections. The sheer force of the narcissist's accusations and recriminations are stunning and disorienting. No one deserves to be accused, demeaned, humiliated and treated like an inferior human being.
When we are children and have a narcissistic parent we have no choice and must learn how to survive these abusive conditions. As adults we have a choice. We can confront the narcissist in a civil manner and communicate that we have personal boundaries and that this person has stepped over them. In expressing these thoughts it is important to remain emotionally detached from the narcissist's reaction. He/she is waiting for you to cower when he comes back with a counter-attack.

It is vital that you learn to protect yourself from narcissistic abuse. You are in control of your reaction to the narcissist. You cannot change his/her personality structure but you are capable of stating clearly that you deserve to be treated with respect. You expect nothing less. Narcissists feel so entitled and would never believe that you would disagree with them. They are so delusional, thinking that they are superior to everyone else, they know that you will cave in to their demands and threats of recrimination.

Respond to the narcissist's psychological abuse by practicing ways  to remain calm, separate, mentally clear and discerning and focused in dealing with these individuals. Consistent meditation practice is a form of keeping the mind calm and strong. The practice of yoga is another way of deflecting narcissistic abuse. The discipline of these practices builds a flexible, grounded, intuitive and compassionate human being. You are a solid separate human being. You stand on the ground of your authenticity. Visit my 

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