Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Narcissistic Daddy's Girls Despise Men

There are daddy's girls who are very successful. I have read many accounts of women who favored their father over their mother because he was emotionally more accessible.  Mother was distant and cold. Many daddy's girls grow up to be confident women. Since early childhood they have felt the special love and bond of a father who communicates to this child that she is capable of doing anything she chooses. Her horizons are limitless. The protective and open love and affection of a wonderful father has a powerful effect of solidfying and strengthening the psychological core of the daughter.

In the case of the narcissistic daddy's girl the pattern of behavior and the messages the narcissistic father sends his daughter cause great psychological harm to her. If she is adored over the mother and there is an abnormal erotic tie between the two of them, the daughter learns that she can manipulate her father and get whatever she wants. She flirts with him and the father reciprocates by promising her she is the only love of her life. Altenenirhough there is no overt sexual interplay between the two of them, the strong pull of eros is always in the air. Fathers of narcissistic daddy's girls are often narcissistic. The young daughter learns to worship at the throne of the father's grandiose false self. She watches how he connives and manipulates his spouse, children, in-laws, siblings and everyone else in his life. She thrills to the glances he gives her saying without words: "You are my favorite-Even my wife cannot compete with you." The daughter believes these messages and is besotted with dad. She wants to be exactly like him. He is her master teacher. As she moves through adolescence and young adulthood, this daughter gathers momentum in the ruthless art of getting men to fall in love with her. She often has more than one on the string at any given time. She knows how to juggle men the way her dad juggles his girlfriends.

When surveys the environment of men and finds that she gets all of the attention. If she is physically attractive and magnetic, she can have her pick. Now a fully developed narcissistic personality, the daughter chooses a man to marry, not because she loves him but to fulfill her grand vision of her own life. Deep inside she knows that if this doesn't work out, she will be free to choose someone else.

The narcissistic daddy's girl has struck a deal not a marriage. She has found pure gold in a man over whom she has complete control, who will further her highest career ambitions, enhance her social connections and never say No to her. Deep down she hates her partner and all other men. She views them as weak and malleable--not very smart. NDG's victimize men throughout their lives, leaving many broken hearts and financial disasters in their wake.

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