Saturday, October 6, 2012

Don't Let Narcissistic Charmer Seduce You

Sexual, sensual chemistry is very powerful--if not overwhelming. In a moment we feel the magnetic pull race throughout out bodies and psyches. It is thrilling, compelling, riveting. Attraction on this level is primitive and does not retreat quietly. It is is force of human nature and evolution itself.  Narcissistic men know exactly how to tap into a woman's attraction to them. They have had so much practice in their lives they are masters of seduction. Most of us feel the first waves hit us hard. It feels to good we want it to go on forever. There will be moments when you mind awakens from the intoxication of this chemistry. There is a part of you that is wise and intuitive and knows who this man who sits so adoringly next to you. His eyes never leave you. Wake up and start watching his attempts at seducing you.

There is a strong intuitive sense of yourself that is protective, independent and insightful. If you pay close attention to the messages of your intuition you will hear a different tune than the one he is playing. It will be telling you that this guy is too good to be true, that he is after you for a reason of his own. Some of these fellows want to possess you, like a lovely object, a jewel that they wear so that they can be admired by everyone. Others seek complete control of your mind, psyche and heart.

Narcissistic players don't give up easily if they want you for a living narcissistic supply. They will send dozens of flowers to your office or home at unexpected times. They will present you with lavish gifts. They understand just what language notes to play with you to bring you closer and keep you in their aura.

Once you understand that this man is a narcissistic personality, make your exit. You don't owe him an explanation. Go complete no contact. Don't worry he will find someone else. In fact he is probably juggling several women at once. There is no point in compromising or dancing around with this man. The best strategy is to not get started with him in the first place. To learn about every facet of the narcissistic personality, visit my website:

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