Sunday, October 28, 2012

Narcissistic Sociopathics are Dangerous in the Workplace

The narcissistic sociopath has become more socially acceptable in our current society. The goal to "win" at all costs has become the mantra of our times. There is a distinct lack of conscience among many in the business world whether we are talking about large corporations, banking, finance, government projects, the defense industry, entertainment, media, etc. There are tremendous exceptions of individuals who are very successful in their careers who have a strong conscience, are highly competent and very ethical. We are fortunate that these people are part of our society today.

Once the narcissistic sociopath has gained sufficient power in a large corporation he builds fiefdoms that are under his absolute control. Some of these individuals  purposely become involved in intimate relationships with their superiors and those above them, to make sure that they are protected from any reprisals. The boss or super boss of the narcissistic sociopath is vulnerable to be extorted as a result of an intimate relationship with this person. There are instances in which the NS has video and listening devices set up in advance of the sexual liaison. He or she can hold this over the boss's head indefinitely. The NS can threaten to go to the wife or husband and blow the secret wide open. The NS plans to trap the boss or ultra boss so he can run the table and be free to do whatever he wants.

If you run across the narcissistic sociopath in your work environment, keep your distance if you can. You don't want to become involved with one of these individuals under any circumstances. If this person is a colleague, be polite and professional and go about your business. If he or she is your boss, then you have a decision to make. Eventually there is a chance this NS will want to get you involved in one of his unethical and illegal schemes. When this time comes, don't be surprised,  be prepared. You might want to work on a lateral transfer to another department. Make your plans--save your money to have in reserve. You might have to leave this job. It is not worth being under the thumb of a NS. These people are very destructive to everyone in their environment. Trust your intuition and listen to the voice inside that tells you that you are in the presence of a malevolent person, the narcissistic sociopath.  Visit my website:

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