Monday, October 15, 2012

Narcissistic Couples Build Picture Perfect Lives

Perception is everything to the narcissist. We are talking about the perfection of the external image that is shown to the world. Narcissists are incapable of introspection, self analysis, insight, compassion and a whole host of attributes that make a person human.

There are men and women who discover one another and fall for their mirror image. They are lost in the spell of its beauty and impeccability. The style, confident manner, social sophistication bring these two people together. The narcissistic pair have the same goals to make it in the material world, to become part of an elite group that is lionized and has special privileges. They worship indulgence and obsessively find pleasure in creating external environments of luxury and excess. The must always have the best. They are competitive with others in seeking more extravagance in their possessions, lifestyles and the company they keep. They are never satisfied and continue to climb.

There is nothing happening inside of these narcissists who have coupled. Their inner world is bleak, restless, empty. Beneath the surface, in the depths of the unconscious lies self loathing and feelings of worthlessness. They are overcompensating on the outside for what they do not have on the inside. Many people are impressed by successful narcissistic couples, especially if they don't recognize these individuals as highly pathological. In fact, they are entranced. They seek out their company and become followers and imitators of their mentors.

Look beyond the glitter, entourages, perfect environments, faces and bodies to recognize that there is nothing that these people have to offer you. Research the narcissistic personality and learn how they operate and what motivates them. Understand their duplicity and betrayals, the way they make other people's lives, intolerable. Take a simpler road away from the glitter and  sham they have created and sell as real. Listen to the truth inside of you and follow it. To learn about every facet of the narcissistic personality, visit my

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  1. Very true, and dangerous. Presenting a "wonderful person" facade is very important to them, and if you don't respond to it properly there might be consequences to pay. "Well maybe they really are that nice." We find that out in time if we don't latch onto them like star struck groupies. If they are really that nice, there won't be any anxiety or consequences when we treat them with respect and courtesy, and expect it back from them.