Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Raise Children Who are Not Narcissists

Children know when they are genuinely loved for their true authentic selves. Babies and little children are very spontaneous and early on develop a marvelous sense of humor. If you have a highly sensitive child (this includes twenty percent of the population) who takes in everything and reacts strongly to his inner and outer world, become finely tuned to his/her sensitivity. Enjoy the wondrous experience of eye to eye contact and affection between your child and yourself. Learn to create a balance between quantity and quality time. Be aware of your own key psychological issues and emotional deficits so that you don't project your pain and frustrations on to your child. Encourage your c child's natural gifts

The potential for empathy is born within us. Empathy is taught by example but it is also necessary to teach your child directly to feel and show behaviors that people deserve respect and kindness regardless of the work they do or role they play or how they look.
Along with this at the right time we teach children how to protect themselves from individuals who can be harmful to them.

Celebrate your child's individuality every day, recognizing that he or she does not have to be perfect. Share his joy, wipe the tears, let the mutual laughter resonate deeply between the two of you. A non-narcissistic child who grows to be a loving, empathic individual creates a beautiful light in the world among all the people he or she encounters. Visit my website: www.thenarcissistinyourlife.com

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