Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Narcissists' Secret Lives

We all hold secrets. There are secrets we share with a few whom we trust; secrets we tell psychotherapists and close friends. Some secrets are told to no one. The narcissistic personality combines secretiveness with deceit. He or she is never the person you believe him to be. The narcissist wears many costumes and faces. He plays his parts convincingly. Some of these individuals juggle ex-wives, current wives, a mistress, and flirtations all at once. Since these individuals don't carry the burden of a conscience, they have no concern about betraying or harming others, even those closest to them.  Each human connection is a narcissistic supply, a commodity that will swells their hungry ego. I have heard from many women and men who had no idea for decades that their spouse was lying to them about money, affairs, business transactions, etc.

Some spouses are truly naive about their secretive partners. Others go along with the charade because they are benefiting from the perks of the lifestyle. Some spouses are so emotionally dependent on the narcissist that they will put up with any outrage to avoid being abandoned.

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