Friday, November 26, 2010

Sociopathic Narcissists-Getting What They Want at Your Expense

Narcissists are frequently given a pass for their multitude of misdeeds, transgressions, cruelties and brutalities. Part of this is occurring because the narcissistic style--self absorption, rank materialism, extreme self entitlement, ruthlessness and treachery--have become acceptable behaviors throughout much of our current society. The cult of celebrity has created an obsession of instant stardom, public sensationalism . through various forms of communication and entertainment vehicles. People are responding to the contagion of the narcissistic style. In some families the narcissistic style is highly rewarded, even expected.

The behavior of many narcissistic personalities blurs into sociopathy, meaning that concerns about the harm they perpetrate upon others, especially family members is non-existent. There is no conscience here at all within these individuals. Although they might not harm you physically in a direct way, they will do everything they can to wear you down and even devastate your life if they believe that's what it takes to pull you under and win. Narcissists never look back. They are always pushing forward at top speed in a rush to reach their ultimate goals and triumphs. The narcissist lives his or her life in the fast lane. Narcissists are very high maintenance. They often find mates who will do all of the hard work, and take the beatings, which includes being the frequent recipient of raw, constant criticism and demeaning humiliations.

To the sociopathic narcissist every person is expendable and interchangeable. If you have devoted your life to a narcissistic spouse and no longer fit in with their revised grandiose sense of self, you will be discarded-- often without any funds for the most basic needs. I have communicated with a number of individuals who have been psychologically and financially severely harmed by the immoral and illegal workings of the sociopathic narcissist. These individuals are cunning and cover their tracks. They work in secret, make deals behind the scenes--always at your expense. With the sociopath narcissist there is no peace, no feeling of psychological security.

Learn to recognize and protect yourself from the sociopathic narcissist. Study the narcissistic personality disorder in detail and master the material. It is in your best interest to learn to identify these severely disturbed individuals quickly. Be clear with yourself that no one ---no one will get what they want at your expense. Bolster your own sense of self entitlement. Work on steadying your mind and emotions. Respect your solid sense of self, your separateness and insist on maintaining your psychological boundaries. Visit my website:

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