Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Narcissistic Greed-Bottomless Pit

We are experiencing a series of narcissistic waves that are effecting the foundations of our society. In the last several decades there has been a tremendous shift in values and what is meant by leading a fulfilling and worthwhile life. More recently many people measure their success by the amount of wealth, material possessions, business and social connections they have and those top tier individuals with whom they have easy access.Many relationships are disingenuous and based on the crass principle of "What can you do for me.?' There is no human connection here, no empathy, no consideration for the needs of others.

The media entertainment culture has fueled these attitudes and normalized them. The goal of many of our young people is to be masters of the universe. They look to hedge fund managers who are making a billion dollars a year as their heroes and life models.

Many narcissists are addicted to material possessions. This obsession with the externals of life doesn't allow the time and energy to introspect. Besides the narcissist is incapable of focusing inside, to contemplate, to have personal insights.

Narcissist greed is  manifested in their raw competitiveness. The compare themselves with others to make sure that they have the best and the most. Some people make excuses for greedy narcissists saying: Oh, he just got another toy---a helicopter, a new beach house, a mega yacht, etc. Many loyal followers of narcissists express their glee at these over the top purchases: "Oh, Howard is just having a good time. He's deserves it. He entertains a lot. He's enjoys collecting expensive toys. Why shouldn't he have anything he wants." Beneath it all the psychological reality is that the narcissist is emotionally empty, a severely damaged individual. The narcissist leads a fraudulent life. He fools almost all others that he is genuine, charming, highly successful and affable. Deep within and out of his awareness, the narcissist is a bottomless psychological and emotional pit that cries up from the depths to be filled. Since he cannot be real and satisfy needs and wishes from inside himself, the narcissist spends his life restlessly searching for material possessions, adoring followers, positions of extraordinary power as an attempt to fill his psychological emptiness.

The narcissist is like a ravenous wild animal who stalks and hunts his prey, is satisfied temporarily and then must go back into the tall grasses to seek satisfaction once more. This eternal cycle of repetitive behavior will not stop. The narcissist is always hungry and the bottomless pit of greed waits for the next torturous round.

There are extraordinary human beings today who are not greedy, not narcissists, who share with others, who are generous and have open hearts. They are our rising heroes. Visit my website: http://www.thenarcissistinyourlife.com/

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