Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Discover and Use Your Creative Gifts

So many women in particular (there are male victims as well who suffer horribly) are being psychologically and emotionally abused by narcissistic spouses. During marriages long and short the narcissist is the tyrannical figure in their lives. After all of the life stories I have heard and read I am still surprised at the extreme manipulation, exploitation and raw cruelty these spouses endure. Some of them have bought the narcissist's delusional dream and live in tandem with him, while their lives are being siphoned off. With the exposure of more specific information about the destructive sequelae of living with a narcissist, more women (and men) are waking up and realizing that they are entitled to lead a life to think their own thoughts, be at peace, imagine and dream freely and activate their creativity.

I recently watched video interviews of two of our greatest living suspense writers: Ruth Rendell and P.D. James. These are inspiring human beings. They have great talent but work at their craft with discipline, purpose and joy. Everyone is creative in a myriad of ways. Allow you mind to wander quietly and freely---What do you love to do--take photographs, uses pencils to draw, adore the colors of watercolors as they drip across a page, knit intricate stitches in rhythm, write in a private diary, create characters and stories that enter your imagination and spring to life, spend time close to the plants, bushes, flowers and trees outside, watch the skies at night and feel the planets and stars so close to you. There are innumerable ways to be creative; it is part of our nature. When you create, no one--not your parents of the past, your spouse of the present or anyone else can control you. You have moved to another level of consciousness and the power of the imagination is captivating you. In these moments, we are free of suffering, of what others expect us to be. We are our most authentic selves. Embrace these facets of yourself. They are gifts given to each human being. Visit my website: 

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