Monday, September 27, 2010

Narcissist-Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious crime. So many people have been victimized by this dreadful personal violation. It can take years to resolve and recover from this crime.

Narcissists are thieves of the self---personal identity. Most people never suspect that the very attractive, bright, successful and immensely charming man or woman who is mesmerizing them, if given the go ahead, will steal a vital aspect of their identities--that which is most authentic inside of you. The narcissist is a controller through and through---no exceptions. He or she is always in charge, telling everyone else exactly what to do---especially spouses and partners. The narcissist eclipses the many facets of you that are destined to grow and expand--your creativity, sense of peace, psychological security, mental spaciousness, your sense of humor.

Many of us were "Prisoners of Childhood" as Alice Miller so brilliantly described the child who grew up with parents who could not love or permit their children to be themselves. Now, as adults you have the power and the absolute right to say "no" to the narcissist---"I have a separate unique identity; I have the right to be myself. I have gifts and energies that are part of my human inheritance."

The narcissist with all of his bluster, grandiosity, intimidations, manipulations and exploitations cannot take anything from you. You are in charge and your singular life holds incalculable value. Visit my website:

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  1. is it possible for a narcissist to actually literally steal an identity and pose as someone else?

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