Sunday, September 5, 2010

True to a Narcissist-False to Yourself

If you are living with, married to or having a serious relationship with a narcissist, it is in your best interest to recognize that you can't be deeply involved with one of these individuals and stand on your own personal truth. Narcissists compromise the lives of everyone they encounter if you join in union with them. Narcissists plot the potential use you are to them, how they can employ you to inflate their egos, wealth, feelings of entitlement and superiority. You are a pawn in the narcissist's hands as soon as you relinquish your power to them.

Narcissists are conniving phonies. They are skilled method actors who have a charmed circle of true believers around them if they are particularly successful. Success very often has nothing to do with the truth. There are people of great integrity who experience tremendous success. The narcissist is an exception. No matter what he or she achieves, there is always a price many pay to get him to his goal. The narcissist leaves so many discarded lives in the wake of his glory and success.

If you are true to yourself, live authentically, fear no one's delusional opinions of you and are willing to buck the furious winds of fickle minds, you will be victorious over the narcissists (growing in number each day) who wander the earth in search of narcissistic supplies which often include people they are more than willing to destroy to get what they want. The narcissistic world including the vast global media gives narcissists, especially supernarcissists a huge pass because they now hold the reins of worldly power. Those who are true to themselves listen to the inner voice of the true self. Visit my website:

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