Thursday, September 16, 2010

Divorce Narcissistic Spouse-for Yourself and Your Children

Divorce is wrenching, inside and out. When there are children involved it is even more complex and painful. There is a time when divorce is the wisest decision. This is often very clear when a spouse is locked into a marriage with a narcissistic partner. The narcissist has psychologically poisoned the relationship and has begun to have a very negative effect on the children. He plays one off against the other. Narcissists play dirty games; they lie incessantly and many of them are highly sadistic. They obtain pleasure from watching others close to them suffer as a result of their cruel deeds. And they will not stop. They don't have a "delete cruelty" button. They are inhumane---Don't wait for them to change and you can't fix them.

I hear from individuals every day that are struggling in marital relationships with narcissists. They are suffering horribly, feel imprisoned and frozen with fear. The narcissistic partner has a psychological strangle hold over the victimized spouse and the children. The more hope you hold out for change in this individual the deeper the pain you will eventually bring on yourself. This is a fixed, severe personality disorder that is most unlikely to ever change. Narcissists today are rewarded constantly for their outrageous and destructive behaviors toward others, especially family members.

You will make the final decision about this marriage. Read and study the narcissistic personality disorder. That will give you a strong foundation of information. Trust your intuition. If you have children, keep them uppermost in your mind as you consider all of your options. Take good care of yourself. Visit my website:

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