Saturday, October 23, 2010

Narcissistic Mothers-their Sociopathic Narcissist Sons

There is a special family constellation of narcissists. Many members of today's society look at their egregious, sometimes criminal behaviors--and say "Oh, well" and give them a Pass. Often when a person is exceedingly successful and powerful, they are not held accountable for their immoral or unethical behaviors nor are their children. Narcissistic mothers reflexively make excuses for their golden sons (and daughters). "You've got this all wrong. My child has been unjustly treated. People are envious of him; he is a target of their vengeful rage. This is a horrible mistake and must be rectified immediately."  Frequently, the high level narcissist's prominence and their top connections will allow them to make a secret deal with those who have been harmed. In some instances money is passed to the injured party in exchange for silence. After a brief kerfuffle, the entire affair fades from collective memory.

Narcissistic individuals are not going away any time soon. In fact they are increasing in numbers. I do not see large swaths of our public society coming down on them hard. In fact we have a lot of narcissistic wanna be's. With the narcissistic life style very much alive, it is difficult to resist the allure that says: "You can have anything or anyone you want" "You can hurt others and get away with it as long as you have a brilliant exit plan." "Satiate yourself, whatever and whoever you please; there are no limits or consequences."

Sociopathic narcissists don't change. They may grow older, become more cunning, exploitive and develop smoother social skills but their characters are fatally flawed. The tangled lives they leave in the wake of their psychopathology is staggering. The narcissistic mother's belief that her perfect child is superior, impeccable and invincible is firmly ingrained in the son's unconscious. The narcissistic mark of Cain is indelible.

Every person who knows the truth and remains mute against the injustices perpetrated by sociopathic narcissists is complicit on some level. Those who are ignorant through no fault of their own need to study and understand the narcissistic personality disorder in all of its facets. Awareness is the beginning of change. There will always be narcissistic mothers and their golden boy sociopathic narcissistic sons but with increased knowledge, discernment and growing choruses of voices who will not tolerate these attitudes and pathological destructive behaviors and normalize them, the cycle will shift.

There is movement now that people are awakening and seeing through the narcissistic delusion. With wisdom, perseverance and courage come strong waves of hope and change. Visit my website:

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