Friday, October 1, 2010

You and the Narcissist-Predator and Prey

Relationships with narcissists are always unequal. They are up; you are down. They win; you lose They are successful; you are a failure. They are strong; you are vulnerable They are the predator; you are the prey.

Narcissists constantly size people up. They ask themselves---How can this person provide me with valuable narcissistic supplies---adulation, praise, material acquisitions, business and societal connections, sexual gratification. The narcissist lives in a self created Darwinian world where those who win eat their young. Narcissists consume your life. They initiate clever ways to seduce and possess you. Narcissists (although they have no personal insight) have a keen awareness of their victim's psychological wounds and vulnerabilities. At the same time they are masters at tempting, cajoling and seducing those whom they want and must have.

If you feel authentic, steady and solid inside, the narcissist cannot threaten or intimidate you. You are no longer his potential victim. The greatest force you will use to face the narcissist is the psychological grounding in your true self combined with detailed knowledge about the innumerable faces, masks, manipulations and deceptions of the narcissistic personality disorder. Visit my website:

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