Thursday, October 21, 2010

Narcissists-Never Sorry-Never Wrong

Two of the most difficult words for most people to say is: "I'm sorry." (and mean it) When we are truly sorry we acknowledge we have hurt someone else and that we are taking responsibility for the pain we have caused.

Narcissists are never sorry because they perceive themselves as perfect. They view themselves as superior to everyone. Many of them grow up believing from their earliest years that they are special. They breathe rarefied air. Many narcissists are treated like superior beings, even as small children. They develop a pathological sense of self entitlement very early The parent of the narcissist in these cases views her/his child as gifted and flawless, above judgments or rules.  These golden children learn very early that they have free rein over others. If someone gets in their way in the competitive game, push him aside, knock him down. These parents defend their children's inconsiderate, cruel behavior, believing that a child so extraordinary does not have to follow absurd social rules that apply to others not their children.

Narcissists are incapable of intimacy, human warmth or empathy. They cannot put themselves into another person's place emotionally (nor do they want to) The narcissist is not growing psychologically He/she is locked within the impenetrable walls of delusion and chaos. They have no insight. By continually projecting their unconscious venom on to others, especially those close to them--spouses, children, siblings they never hold themselves accountable for the severe psychological damage they perpetrate throughout a lifetime.

When we look deeply into ourselves, know we are wrong and say "I'm sorry; I make mistakes" and continue to have a healthy solid sense of our value as human beings, we are moving moving toward clearer awareness and opening each moment to the wonders, mysteries and richness of life itself. Visit my website: 

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