Monday, October 18, 2010

Mother's Narcissistic Queen Bee Daughter

The beehive is a true marvel of Nature. It is a world unto itself where the Queen Bee is the ultimate ruler.
The Queen is inseminated in flight by 15 to 20 male drones. Very shortly, after this deed the male drones die. Their work is done. The Queen Bee is ministered to by female worker bees who do all of the hard work in the hive. .

The human Queen Bee is very much alive today. Those who have encountered her are highly intimidated. The woman Queen Bee develops from early childhood. She is often the child of an adoring mother who like the female worker bee is willing to serve and even give up her life for her daughter. Her life role is to create and mold the perfect daughter---the chosen one who is above all others. I have personally observed several instances of this pathological mother/daughter pattern. In these cases the prospective mother finds a man whom she can completely control. She has a very specific plan in mind: the creation of the perfect daughter  who surpasses everyone else in beauty, intelligence, creativity, unlimited ambition, reaching the highest levels of professional and financial success. She is only interested in him for his role as sperm donor and in what he can contribute to the financial success of the mother-daughter duo.

The mother of the Queen Bee daughter is often a narcissist herself. Although she is pleasant socially and very adept in getting everything her prospective daughter queen will need, she treats her child like a life project. The daughter is often sent to the finest schools. Mother makes sure she meets all the right people. As the daughter grows the duo appear to be close emotionally but that is not the case.

When the Queen Bee daughter comes to maturity and has taken every bit of energy, social and financial opportunity from mother, she turns cold as steel , becomes psychologically abusive and dismissive of mother. I have seen these daughters move across the world to build their own kingdoms that exclude mother (as if she never existed.)  There are no regrets, no thank yous--The supernarcissist Queen Bee ascends her throne to rule over all. Mother is forgotten and discarded. In some cases the daughter will continue to use her mother up like a female worker bee in the hive.

Mother has raised a psychological predator who controls everyone in her reach. Those who do not comply are vanquished like the drones that early gave their lives for her. Learn to recognize and deal with every facet of the narcissistic personality. You will become highly knowledgeable and protect yourself from the stinging servitude and psychologically damage served up by the narcissistic personality disorder. Visit my website:

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